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Flexible Conveyors

Product Description:

The flexible conveyors offered by JR Technical Trading FZ-LLC are versatile and adaptable solutions for efficient material handling in various industries. These conveyors are designed to easily expand, contract, and change direction, providing exceptional flexibility to accommodate dynamic production environments and optimize workflow.

Key Features:

  1. Expandable and Contractible: Our flexible conveyors feature a unique expandable and contractible design, allowing for easy adjustment of length to match specific operational requirements. This feature enables seamless integration into existing production lines or the flexibility to adapt to changing layout needs.
  2. Multi-Directional Movement: With the ability to change direction, our flexible conveyors offer exceptional maneuverability. They can be curved, bent, or angled to navigate around obstacles, corners, or uneven surfaces, ensuring smooth material flow in any direction.
  3. Quick Setup and Portability: Designed for convenience and efficiency, our flexible conveyors are easy to set up and dismantle. They are equipped with telescopic legs and casters, allowing for effortless movement and portability to different areas within the facility.
  4. Adjustable Height: The conveyor height can be easily adjusted to match the ergonomics of the operators or the requirements of the production line. This feature helps reduce fatigue, enhance productivity, and promote a safe and comfortable working environment.
  5. Durable Construction: Constructed with high-quality materials, our flexible conveyors are built to withstand rigorous industrial environments. They are designed for long-lasting performance, ensuring reliable operation and minimizing maintenance requirements.
  6. Compatibility with Accessories: Our flexible conveyors can be equipped with various accessories to further enhance functionality and efficiency. These include adjustable side guides, stoppers, diverts, and merge modules, providing customization options to suit specific material handling needs.


  • Length: Adjustable from 750mm to more than 15 meters
  • Width: 300mm to 1800 millimeters
  • Load Capacity: Up to 500 kg per meter
  • Adjustable Height Range: 400mm to 2000 millimeters.
  • Material: High-grade steel/aluminum alloy
  • Control System: Integrated control panel with start/stop buttons.
  • Power Supply: depending on design.
  • Drive System: depending on design.


  • Warehousing and distribution centers
  • E-commerce and fulfillment centers
  • Manufacturing and assembly lines
  • Packaging and shipping facilities
  • Retail and shopping centers
  • Automotive industry
  • Pharmaceutical industry.

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