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Aluminum Conveyors

Product Overview:

The aluminum conveyor offered by JR Technical Trading FZ-LLC is a versatile and efficient solution for material handling in various industries. It is designed to transport goods, components, and packages smoothly and reliably, enhancing productivity and streamlining operations.

Key Features:

  1. Lightweight and Durable: Constructed from high-grade aluminum, our conveyor system offers excellent strength and durability while remaining lightweight. This feature allows for easy installation, flexibility, and reduced energy consumption.
  2. Modular Design: The conveyor is built with a modular design, enabling easy customization and flexibility to fit specific layout requirements. It can be easily extended, curved, or configured to adapt to different production setups, making it suitable for a wide range of applications.
  3. Smooth and Quiet Operation: Equipped with precision-engineered components and high-quality bearings, our aluminum conveyor ensures smooth and quiet operation. This feature reduces noise pollution in the workplace, creating a more comfortable and productive environment.
  4. Easy Maintenance: The conveyor system is designed for easy maintenance, with accessible components and simple cleaning procedures. This minimizes downtime and optimizes operational efficiency.
  5. Adjustable Speed and Control: Our aluminum conveyors are equipped with adjustable speed controls, allowing operators to match the conveyor speed to the production requirements. This feature enhances workflow management and prevents bottlenecks.
  6. Safety Features: Safety is a top priority, and our conveyor systems include essential safety features such as emergency stop buttons, protective guarding, and sensors to detect blockages or malfunctions, ensuring the well-being of operators and preventing accidents.


  • Material: High-grade aluminum alloy
  • Load Capacity: Up to 2 ton per meter.
  • Speed Range: Adjustable as per the customer needs.
  • Conveyor Width: Customizable to fit specific requirements.
  • Length: Customizable to fit specific layout requirements
  • Power Supply: Design as per the load.
  • Drive System: depending on the load customer required.
  • Control System: Integrated control panel with speed adjustments and emergency stop button.
  • Safety Features: Emergency stop buttons, protective guarding, blockage detection sensors.


  • Manufacturing and assembly lines
  • Packaging and shipping facilities
  • Warehouse and logistics centers
  • Food and beverage industry
  • Pharmaceutical industry
  • Automotive industry
  • E-commerce and fulfillment centers

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